"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible".
Oscar Wilde

First story-based room escape game in Frankfurt city center for you and your friends!

Have you ever been a witness, a detective or a victim? Do you know the story of Frankfurt’s famous thriller? What about the feeling of being trapped in a room without no idea of how to escape it?

You and your team will be trapped in one of the rooms and will become part of this story. All rooms have a common storyline, however each of them will expose its different chapters. You will need to find the truth behind every room in order to escape them and to figure out the final of this epic thriller.

So what is it all about?

Find yourself in an unusual situation behind the closed door in a strange room with no idea what to start with...
This escape game is played in real rooms where you have to look for hidden objects and hints by exploiting their surroundings.
The objective of an escape game is to find and solve the mystery of the room in order to escape it within the time allotted.
Prepare to get challenged by lots of exciting quizzes that are interconnected and expose you to an unforgettable journey.
All our rooms are parts of one big story and are connected to each other, however each of them tells you a different storyline.
Escape game is an excellent opportunity to work as a team and train your interpersonal skills in intellectually challenging situations.
Room escape is a game against time! You have exactly 60 minutes in order to crack all the quizzes and escape the room.
Work together, find hints, crack puzzles and quizzes, beat the clock, escape the room and enjoy a great feeling of success!

Try it out!

Your mind is unlimited, but your time is not. Your team will only have 60 minutes to crack the final puzzle. Doors will open anyway once the time is over. So you will either win the challenge using your bright mind or with a bitter taste of failure will have to try another time.

When you attempt an escape game, for 60 minutes of your life you will become totally removed from your current world and are focused on nothing but the story and desire to escape. The circumstances that are created bring about excitement, laughter and ample amounts of adrenaline and force you to manage yourself efficiently and effectively with others thus creating an amazing team building experience. You don't need academic knowledge or physical strength, but you definitely need your logical thinking and attention to detail. Only you and your teammates' minds in a race against the time!

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