Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trappd?

Trappd is a real-life scenario based escape quest. You and your friends are going to be locked in the room full of riddles and mysteries. By solving them the story behind the room will uncover and help you to escape the room in one hour.

How many people can play in one game?

We designed the game in such a way that in each room a team of 2-6 people can play.

We are 6 people or more, can we still play together?

No. Trappd is created for teams containing not more then 6 people. If you are more, please split on several teams and compare your experience in different rooms.

Where can I sign-up for the game?

Please follow to our booking page. There you can pick an appropriate date and time as well as the payment method that is easier for you.

Is any specific skill or knowledge needed?

Not at all. Some logic, curiosity and attention to details multiplied by teamplay will lead you to success.

What if we are stuck and can't solve something?

In this case you can ask for a hint and our operator will help you out.

What happens if we don't make it?

After exactly one hour the game is finished and the room will be unlocked. In order to know how the story ends you will need to visit us again ;)

Is it safe?

Our operator will supervise the room at all times and will provide you help in case of any emergency.

Is there an age restriction?

There is no specific age limit, however players under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by at least one adult.

I would like to play with my colleagues as a team building exercise. Is it possible?

That's a great idea! Organize your team and book the next available game.

We don't speak German. Will it be a problem?

No worries. Just leave us a comment during the booking process if you would like to play in German or English.

I found the room design so cool! Can I make a picture of it?

Unfortunately cell phones as well as other electronic devices are not allowed to be used in the room.

What if we arrive late?

The door to the room closes at the time you enter it. However the session starts running at the time you reserved and being late implies less time for you to figure out how to escape.

Cancellation and cancellation fees

The price of the game will be fully refunded (excluding PayPal fees) if cancellation takes place 7 days before the booked date. In case of short-term cancellations of less then 7 days prior to the game, only 75 Percent of the price will be refunded.

I still have questions! What should I do?

Just send us an email or a message on our Facebook page and we will be happy to answer you questions.

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